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To process a warranty or technical advice, contact customer service by writing an email to service@carmelabikes.com

Basic maintenance and practical advice

Where do I keep my Carmela24?

In a dry, indoor place, avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time.

If you do not use it during the winter:

  • Store it clean, well lubricated and keep it in a dry place, covered with a tarp.
  • The battery must be stored separately, charged to 70% and charged at least every 2 months.
About the battery
  • Do not disassemble or modify the battery
  • Do not expose the battery to fire or in temperatures above 40ºC
  • Do not subject the battery to impacts. The impacts can damage the battery.
  • Use only the charger supplied with the bicycle. Using an improper charger can damage the battery.
  • Do not leave the battery unattended while it is charging
  • Only use, charge or store the battery in an environment between -10ºC and -40ºC.
  • Keep the battery away from the bicycle when the battery and / or the bicycle have to be transported or stored.
  • Do not use, charge or store the battery in explosive environments or near highly flammable products.
  • Keep the battery away from metal parts such as clips, coins and thumbtacks, keys, cables that can make contact between different terminals of the power connector and the USB connector. Contact between different terminals can cause damage to the battery and possible loss of warranty.
  • In the event that the battery expel any liquid, avoid any contact. The contact can cause irritation or burns. Wash with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes or ingestion of liquid, seek medical attention.
  • In case of abuse, the battery can expel vapours or fumes. The breathing of these, can cause irritation of the respiratory system. Breathe in fresh air and seek medical attention if necessary.
Battery maintenance

Lithium ion batteries deteriorate slowly over time, for this reason a new battery will always give more autonomy than a used one.

To maximize the life of the battery and its benefits:

  • Do not remove the battery from the bike while it is on
  • Charge the battery only with the charger approved by the manufacturer
  • Charge the battery completely before the first use.
  • Charge the battery as soon as possible once it has been downloaded below 30%. If the battery remains discharged for a considerable time, apart from decreasing its useful life, it may be permanently damaged, and the warranty may be lost.
  • Heat accelerates the aging of the battery. Avoid using or storing the battery in environments or high temperatures.
  • Like all lithium batteries, the battery is discharged slowly, even if it is not used. Once every two months, check the battery’s charge status and always keep it with 7 LEDs on.
  • Do not keep the battery at 100% charge for long periods of time.
  • The optimum temperature to store the battery is 20ºC. If the temperature moves away from the optimal temperature, the battery life may be reduced. In case the temperature is outside the range of -10 +40 ° C, it may suffer permanent damage and loss of warranty.
  • Store the battery in a dry, well-ventilated place, protected from dirt or water. Under unfavourable weather conditions, it is recommended to remove the battery and store it in a safe place.
  • Keep the battery clean. Wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Do not immerse the battery in water or clean it with water under pressure.
Basic maintenance of your Carmela24
  • Clean your bike with water, soap and a soft cloth. Never use corrosive solvents or pressurized water guns, as the electronic components may be damaged.
  • When dealing with a timing belt drive, it does not require lubrication. For maintenance, clean it with a cloth and water. In some cases, you may need Teflon oil.
  • If you hear a noise during braking, check the wear of the pads.
  • Check the wear of cables and connections. Avoid exposing your bike to the weather for long periods of time.
  • Protects the battery from bumps and falls. Do not expose the battery to temperatures above 40ºC or below 0ºC.
  • If you do not have to use the battery for a long period of time, charge it every 2 months.
  • Do not charge the battery in the rain or under direct sunlight.
Practical advice before ride your e-bike
  • Check that the wheels are perfectly inflated. The tire pressure should be between 2.75 and 4.50 bars.
  • Check the brakes. Check that when the wheel is turned, the brakes do not touch and that when the handle is operated, it does not touch the handlebar.
  • Check the address. Brake the front wheel and check that it does not match.
  • Check the bell, lights and other accessories are well placed.
  • Turn on the battery and check the charging status.
  • Adjust the seat to the extent that you like and feel more comfortable you feel.
  • Turn on the battery before pedalling. Never start the electronic system with the bike in motion.
  • Respect the legislation and regulations of your city to cycle.
  • In case of rain or if you are traveling on an irregular surface, take necessary precautions and brake before.
  • Use the first gear for exits or slopes. Gears 2 and 3 are for higher speeds.
  • Reflective elements do not substitute the lights, necessary to circulate at night or in meteorological conditions that reduce visibility
  • If you want to save battery you see with the ECO mode. Switch to POWER mode, when you need more power. Do not forget that you can use the Boost at a steep moment or if you need to leave faster.
  • If you leave your bike in the street, better disconnect the battery and take it away. If you leave it unplugged, always remember to take out the key. Save your bike with a padlock on the frame and the back wheel. If you can, another padlock passes between the frame and the front wheel.
  • You have two keys in the battery. I keep one in your usual keychain and keep your other key in a safe place.

Solution to common problems

The battery makes a flashing red light fixed

The bicycle or battery has detected a problem. Contact technical service.

The battery does not charge
  • Check that everything is connected or change the power point (plug)
  • Check that there is no dirt on the charger and battery connectors. The battery connector is magnetized and can attract small particles of metal debris.
  • In the event that the battery is not turned on directly when plugging into the charger, press the button for a few seconds to turn it on.
  • If you still do not charge, contact the technical service.
The battery life is very short


Contact technical service.


The bicycle does not assist
  • Check that the battery is properly seated in the connector.
  • The battery goes into ECO mode automatically when:
  • Your state of charge is less than 30%
  • When its internal temperature is close to the maximum

If the problem continues, contact the technical service.

The Boost does not work

You may have used it a lot and the engine may be hot and overloaded. The boost button is a temporary help. If you use too much, it is self-limited.

If after 24 hours the problem continues, contact the technical service.

I have lost the key of the battery


Get in touch with the technical service.