Distributor service

Do you want to distribute our e-bike?

If you are a professional with experience in bicycles, you have a bike shop, or you just like Carmela Bikes and have an idea, tell us!

Send us an email to info@carmelabikes.com


Design and functionality in the hand of the cyclist

Innovative, different, functional and attractive product. A unique e-bike, a unique model with universal size.

Awarded with a Golden Delta ADI-FAD award, as the best design of the year 2018.


Quality control

Carmela Bikes controls all the manufacturing process. We guarantee an exhaustive quality control of our products.

The assembly of our e-bike is done in our house in Barcelona, and we review each bike before being delivered.
In addition, Carmela Bikes has passed all certifications of bike mechanics, electric and electromagnetics.

We offer a fast and efficient technical service. Guaranteed product stock and replacement parts to arrive on time.


We want to grow together

We like to take care of the sales channel. Carmela Bikes does not look for a large distribution network. We are looking for partners who believe in the project and want to be brand representatives in each city.

At Carmela Bikes we are committed to supporting our partners by offering good business conditions to grow your business. As well as the necessary investment in digital and conventional communication channels to bring traffic to your store.