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  • The multifunctional Back-Roller Urban (individual saddlebag) is ideal for everyone who needs a large capacity waterproof bag on their way to work, college or school. The saddlebag, made of a mix of sa
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    The result of a cooperation between two leading brands. The stylish Reisenthel fabric basket has a unique aluminium frame with KLICKfix coupling. A fine shopping companion on and off the bike. Fabric
  • More handbag than basket, this slender variant of the Bikebasket looks especially elegant due to its oval shape and contrasting collar. Contrasting collar with handles and zipper. Zipped inner pocket
  • KLICKfix Fun Bag shoulder bag. With a very flat adapter plate it can be fixed quickly, but also for a walk. Adjustable shoulder strap. Large front cover with magnetic closure. Ve
  • The adapter can only be mounted on wheels that have a matching threaded base on the head tube. Due to frame mounting, the adapter has no connection to moving parts. Therefore, the behavior of the bicy
  • KLICKfix Shopper Alingo GT. Attachment to the Racktime luggage rack. Stable shape due to rigid internal frame. Padded handles. With lace closure when the distance to the saddle is ver
  • Meshed basket with elegant injection molded hinges for the handle. The height-position of this basket is continuously adjustable. The cylinder-shaped light holder allows you to mount common battery li
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    12.7mm hardened PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE New Patent-pending HARDENED DOUBLE DEADBOLT DESIGN gives additional protection against twist attacks HIGH SECURITY DISC-STYLE CYLINDER is pick and d
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    Universal accessory for smartphone. The smartphone is securely attached to a large, padded surface. The controls and charging socket on the phone are freely accessible and the camera is not covered.
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    The roll-up waterproof document bag can be attached to the left or right of the carrier and can be quickly clipped on and off. The Office-Bag offers enough space for two DIN A4 (L-size) folders, pens,
  • Box for transporting and packaging the bicycle.
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    KLICKfix Phone Duratex with swivel adapter black / transparent Manageable through the transparent window. Quick change from vertical to horizontal position with integrated swivel coupling.
  • It doesn't always have to be a multi-day excursion: the Front-Roller City offers more flexibility for city cyclists. Whether it's loading the front and rear wheels on both sides or using a single bag
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    Strong and durable, ready to endure the worst conditions. The Sport-Roller Plus saddlebag in cordura fabric is suitable for front racks, rear racks, or even as the first saddlebag on children's or fol
  • Good news for everyone who wants to transport their goods and effects in a simple and waterproof way: the proven ORTLIEB „boot“ is now also available with a roll-top closure! This also serves as a
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    Multifunctional rack for transportation of bags, laptop cases and backpacks on the bike. Compatible to the KLICKfix handlebar system. In seconds removable when not needed. Extremely light weight alumi
  • Lateral foldable kickstand. Solid and lightweight. Made in aluminum, black finishing. Support hole distance 40 mm.
  • 100-240V black Li-ion charger for input and 42V output, with Rosenberg connector. 500 gr
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    A sleek, adjustable bicycle helmet designed to keep you safe and enhance your urban style. Incredibly light, weighing 250g – 290g. Reduces its volume by more than 50% when folded. Convinced that
  • Front basket with bamboo base and steel structure designed by Carmela Bikes. The treatment of wood achieves a natural finish of great resistance to moisture and over time. Lightweight, 300gr; Resistan
  • Fenders for both wheels, flexible, resistant and reinforced at the ends. They include screws and brackets for the bicycle of Carmela Bikes. Black 90%.
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    Ideal for daily urban journeys. With a flow of 80 lumens in 4 LEDs which ensures to see and be seen at 1.2 km. Up to 5 hours of autonomy, 5 lighting and water-resistant modes.
  • Designed for urban routes. Flux of 44 lumens that ensures to see and be seen 1.2 km. Up to 5 hours of autonomy, 5 modes of lighting and water resistant.
  • Support for 24 “wheel that allows mount different accessories and carry loads. Made of aluminium, of great resistance up to 25 kg.
  • Baby chair for up to 15 kg. With support for feet and all the subjections and security systems to carry children. It is mounted in front, between the handlebar and the rider.
  • Children’s chair up to 22 kg. With support for feet and all the subjections and security systems to carry children. It is mounted on the back.
  • Made of aluminum, resistant and lightweight. The length is 550mm and the maximum safety extension is 400mm, leaving the cyclist at a maximum height of 104cm from the seat.