Closca Mask


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A symbol of the times we live in and we wonder if we will ever accept the masks as a lesser evil and integrate them into our lifestyle. Perhaps, once we realize that we are forced to wear a mask, we will need to accept the challenge  of ensuring that our children do not have to wear them in the future.

Adjustable design. Its closure similar to VELCRO(R), allows to adjust to different sizes.

Fabric composition is 95,5% Polyester and 4,5% Spandex.

Foldable  mask  that allows you to store it hygienically in a pouch provided by us

Includes 6 washable filters, that can be reused up to 5 cleanings. (Filters made in Spain following official regulations EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 type 2). They are inserted avoiding direct contact with the face and skin, increasing their durability.*

98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

Washable and reusable (Closca Mask can be washed both, by hand and by washing machine up to 60º Celsius).

Reusable packaging like  in all our products.


*We recommend to strictly follow  the attached instructions in order to optimize the effectiveness of air filtering


Our filters are assembled using all the criteria specified in the standard EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 type 2, this product is not considered by the European Regulation 2016/425 as a PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). You should not use our product where the European Regulation 2016/425 requires it as PPE. Our product is certified with 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE).

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